Arteferro Gates for Milano Centrale Railway Station

Redevelopment Plan of Stazione Centrale di Milano: placed the first of the 35 gates to protection the Galleria delle Carrozze.



Stazione Centrale di Milano

During this morning, Wednesday 11 November, the installation works of gates to protection the Galleria delle Carrozze of Milano Centrale began in the Italy’s second largest station in terms of size and traffic volume. The large monumental space of the Gallery, connecting IV Novembre Square and Luigi di Savoia Square, hosts 500 square meters of boutiques and it looks out on Piazza Duca D’Aosta.

The design and the installation of the closed elements will be done by Gonzato Contract (Ind.i.a spa) bases on a design agreed with the Superintendency of Architectural heritage of Milan. The commission is ‘Stazioni Nord Facility’, part of the Group Navarra (Italian Construction). The project is a part of a recovery and development process of the entire complex, operated by Grandi Stazioni, subsidiary by Railways and owned by big private industrial groups. A total of 35 gates, 10 of which are fixed and 25 opened (some of these motorized), with a height of 2 meters and lengths ranging from 2 to 9 meters, are made of in wrought iron, metallised and powder coat. To address the practical and space needs, on the main prospectus will be installed a gate in book with two doors, for a total length of 9 meters. The dimensioning of the gates has been designed to contain a possible impact of the crowd, with a pressure resistance more than 3kN. The gates will be installed using only floor fixing through steel flanges with bolts, specifically designed to avoid a bore in wall coverings by Karst’s stone, thereby allowing total exit.

The installation of all metal elements will be taken care by Gonzato Contract experts, division of Ind.ia. spa dedicated to the great works, but the production has been entrusted to Arteferro’s artisans , division of Ind.ia. spa dedicated to the production of semi-finished ornamental.

The note from the President of Ind.i.a spa, Arch. Bruno Gonzato
«We are honored to have been entrusted with this important work, carried out in collaboration with the local Superintendency of Architectural heritage. The Central station is an excellence space located in the heart of Milan, a services center for the city and shopping streets, but also as main hub for high speed and connections with the rest of Europe. Completely satisfied with the final result, from both an aesthetically and functionally perspective: from now, inside the Galleria delle Carrozze closed to vehicular traffic long ago, the commercial activities will enjoy the protection of wrought iron gates made ex-novo but with full respect of the architectural building».