• Dettaglio recinzione fiume interno
  • Fase di assemblaggio copertura gazebo
  • Dettaglio lampade del portone d’entrata
  • Gazebo
  • Vera da pozzo giardino principale
  • Dettaglio di rivestimenti metallici di alcuni elementi tra cui il basculante del garage
  • Recinzione perimetrale con particolari verniciatura oro
  • Pensilina con lanterne ed elementi floreali e frutta forgiati

Megève – France | Private residence

  • Brass, Wrought Iron
A project carried out in very close collaboration with the client’s architects, which particular attention paid to every detail of true artistic beauty. Hand forged iron details were produced, such as the roofing for the gazebos, five gates and all the fences. The curious gaze wanders from the entrance canopy to the private chapel and along the metal decorations nailed to the façade. The positive intermingling of the client’s native Middle Eastern culture and the European location of the project produced results considered by many experts to rank among the highest level of wrought iron worldwide.