• Prime fasi di installazione
  • Approntamento delle impalcature
  • Dettaglio piedino ornamentale
  • Il decoro floreale centrale
  • Il parapetto segue le linee archittoniche interne
  • Dettagli degli ornamenti dorati
  • Ingresso principale
  • Vista dai parapetti al piano superiore

Volgograd – Russia | Public building

  • Aluminium, Brass, Wrought Iron
The railings designed for this magnificent mansion in the neoclassical style were inspired by nature and produced by following the instructions by the designer, who envisioned a light but effective structure. The delicate intertwining of spirals and leaves extend across the facings of the galleries in the house with a total length of 520 linear meters. Brass details were added in order to bring everything in line with the surrounding architecture.