Okija - Nigeria | Residenza privata

Prestigious Villa in Middle East

The harmonic combination of various metals such as iron, brass and aluminium and the special chromatic nuances, from satin finished dark bronze to patinated bronze, from mirror polished brass to production of gold foils, make of each gates a work of art. The prestigious villa located in a still untouched Mediterranean maquis, is the surrounding of a craftsmade work, being the result of inspired artisans using their creativity and knowledge. Gates recalling past magnificence and wealth, but with an addition of modernity and technology: the opening/closing is controlled by a sophisticated system of domotics.
Every detail has been developed to grant an excellent aesthetic result which meets with the rich house setting beyond the boundary walls. Iron, brass, bronze, aluminium and also copper (copper covering the building domes is also part of the project) as production lymph and Gonzato Contract’s experience grant the excellence for the time being and also in the future.